Investment Performance Management

In the context of investment performance management WKH have developed a transparent, consistent, and fair reporting and performance measurement framework per industry standards.

Performance Metrics
Reporting Standards
Transparency and Communication

Transparent Communication is foundation of WKH work culture, WKH provides LPs with regular, detailed communication on fund strategy, market conditions, portfolio company performance, and risk management. This includes the success & growth path and highlights any challenges and strategies for underperforming investments.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with regulations in jurisdictions where the funds operate, including those related to disclosures, fees, and conflicts of interest, is crucial for maintaining LP trust and meeting fiduciary responsibilities.

Alignment of Interests

Fee structures (management fees and carried interest), co-investment opportunities, and GP commitments to the fund are designed to align the interests of GPs and LPs.Adherence to these standards and practices helps maintain a robust, transparent, and efficient market for private equity and venture capital investments, benefiting both GPs and LPs by fostering trust and promoting long-term success.

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